Roofing and Guttering Services

Sunshine Coast Roofing Services

With extensive experience in all areas of home renovation, Poo-fection Plumbing serves as Sunshine Coast roofing specialists on all new and existing builds. Our expert team is able to repair, restore and refurbish most roofing types to perfection at highly competitive prices from Caloundra to Noosa and the surrounding Sunshine Coast area.

At Poo-fection Plumbing , we understand that Colourbond and Metal types of roofing repair and renovation work can have a significant effect on your day-to-day life. The presence of contractors, tools and equipment can often be disruptive even when crucial work is being undertaken.

When you hire our expert team, you will be utilising the experience of Sunshine Coast roofing specialists who can complete your projects quickly, efficiently and with the minimum amount of disruption.

Sunshine Coast Roofing Service Range

With Poo-fection Plumbing, no roofing renovation project is too big or too small. We are able to integrate our skill range to incorporate the following services on all domestic and commercial properties to provide you with an unrivalled, professional experience.

  • Roof Restorations
  • Colourbond Roofing
  • Roof Repairs
  • Metal Roofing
  • Downpipes and Guttering
  • Fully Insured Sunshine Coast Roofing Service

Our Services and Products Explained

Our Sunshine Coast roofing services are ideal for Colourbond projects. The flexibility and textural contrasts make Colourbond perfect for the Sunshine Coast climate and it can be used to produce a wide range of different appearances. Materials are strong, attractive and energy smart for today’s modern demands.

Metal roofing is another speciality provided by Plumbers4U. Our preferred materials are sturdy, resilient and capable of withstanding heavy rains and extreme temperatures. Metal roofing reduces maintenance levels, has a 50-year lifespan and the light and heat reflecting properties also help to significantly lower cooling costs.