Backflow Testing

Poo-fection Plumbing provides backflow testing, installations and repairs throughout the Sunshine Coast

A local government may, at any time require the owner of a backflow prevention device to have the device inspected, tested, repaired or replaced by a licensed person entitled to do that work.

Only a fully backflow endorsed licensed plumber can test and install your backflow valve.

A licensed plumber who inspects or tests a backflow prevention device, must give the local government written results of the inspection or test within 10 business days after inspecting or testing the device.

Poo-fection Plumbing can inspect and test your backflow valves every 12 months as recommended, whether you have a 15mm RPZD valve or you have a 20 DCVA, Poo-fection Plumbing can attend to all your backflow needs.

Call us today to have your backflow valve serviced.