Plumbing Approvals

All plumbing work in Queensland is regulated by the state government legislative requirements and is categorised as:

  • regulated work
  • minor work (notifiable minor work and other minor work)
  • unregulated work.

Regulated work

Regulated work is defined by exclusion. Any plumbing and drainage work that is not defined as minor work or unregulated work, is therefore regulated work. You must be a licenced person to perform regulated work and ensure you only perform the regulated work covered by your licence (for example, a licenced drainer can perform regulated drainage work).

All regulated work must be assessed by council for compliance with the technical standards for plumbing and drainage. Before commencing regulated work, you must obtain a compliance approval (approval of plans) for the proposed work.

Council is required to assess the regulated work at particular stages. It is the licenced person’s responsibility to arrange these mandatory inspections. Any licenced person who performs plumbing and drainage work must ensure it is compliant with the Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation Act 2003.

Council will issue a compliance certificate when the regulated work has been satisfactorily completed (approval of work).


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